Show us the magic when mind & body work perfectly together!

There are times when we just feel drained by the vagaries of daily life. We feel tired when we wake-up, we have difficulties concentrating and we do not have the mood to do much. This is when people in Asia drink BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken. It is like a concentrated version of chicken broth with all the nutritional properties but without the fat. It works by increasing oxygen flow for improved concentration and reduced tiredness. Your body feels revitalized and your mind is alert, able to focus on what you want to do. We need to bring to life this benefit in a non-scientific, non-boring way and there is nothing like a good story to capture people’s attention, imagination and make it engaging for a younger audience. Can you help?

Surprise us with an illustrated story about a healthy body and an alert mind working together perfectly to make a moment that is out-of-the-ordinary.

Format: Presentation (text and visuals) up to 5 pages.

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