Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort” so stay assured that all your hard work will pay off one day and when that day comes you’ll be at your happiest! This month we want to introduce you our creative community member marijaocokoljic.


Tell us a bit more about yourself

In short, I am a communication enthusiast

Be it advertising and brand communications which were my everyday life for over 10 years in agencies like McCann, Saatchi&Saatchi, Publicis, or be it people, friends, family, individuals, groups, the public communicating, I am interested.

Belgrade born and raised, always happy to come back to it from wherever I am travelling. And I do love traveling, and would probably go anywhere and everywhere to see, hear or feel something unique.

How did you find out about eYeka?

From my dear friend Ana Cvetkovic, also an Eyeka contributor. Many of my wins were a team effort.


Do you have a creative process? If so, can you share a bit of your secret with our community? Where do you look for inspiration?

There is no strict process. After that first contact with the brief there is always a research stage, looking around, what has been done, in and outside the category, searching for insights. Then it is a stage of just putting ideas out there, without much limitations, and then filtering them out according to criteria like target groups, brand values, objectives of the brief, campaign ability etc. Sometimes it happens fast, sometimes it takes time to get that one idea you can work with.

Inspiration can be everywhere, you just never know when or what will trigger it. To me it is all about curiosity. If you are curious about the world you live in and the people you live with, locally and globally, you will always have something to kickstart the creative process.

When submitting an entry, how do you keep positive if it is rejected or not selected as a winning entry?

In over 10 years of my advertising experience I can say that I have won some and lost some. It was a part of our job to put our work out there, to be judged on a daily basis. I like to call that experience a boot camp for bruised egos and creative oversensitivity.


Even if not selected, the process of getting to it is a win. It is new knowledge, new perspectives, new insights etc. In the end, even if not a winner of a specific contest, it is an idea, it can grow, change, be developed further, transformed.


What would you like to achieve (or have already achieved) with the prizes you will win/have won?

Travel, learn, develop my consulting business I am just setting up.

If you had to describe eYeka in 3 words, what would they be?

Let`s try 4 words: opportunity for creative freedom


Finally, is there anything you would like to share with our creators (secret, tip…)?

Every project is different so what works here maybe won’t work there. Just be open and give every idea a chance, even if it maybe sounds crazy today. You never know where it may take you tomorrow.


Thank you Marija!